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Trick Or Treat Ex Letter

Hi writer! Happy Halloween!

Since this is a low-pressure exchange, I'm going to keep this letter low-pressure as well. For each fandom, I've included ships I enjoy (if you feel like writing ship fic - gen is good too!) and a series of Porn Battle-style, one or two-word prompts for both tricks and treats. They're just there if you get stuck.

DNWs, across all fandoms: suicide, incest, and infidelity. Beyond that, I'm seriously hard to squick; if darkfic is your thing, go hog wild.


Agents of SHIELD
Ships: Literally anyone with anyone. I am here for it.
Trick Prompts: TAHITI, Hydra, mind control, body horror, torture
Treat Prompts: Family vacation, magic school Bus, no privacy, ninjas, technobabble

Mass Effect
Ships: FShep/Garrus, MShep/Kaidan, FShep/Aria, Garrus/Tali
Trick Prompts: Purgatory ship, Refusal ending, husk, spaced, no ammo
Treat Prompts: Contest, party invitation, model ship, famous, home world

Young Avengers
Ships Tommy/Kate, canon pairings
Trick Prompts: Juvie, mirrorverse, explosion, evil twin, killshot
Treat Prompts doing crime, pizza, dog cops, future, race

Avatar: TLA
Ships Jet/Zuko, Zuko/Sokka, Katara/Azula
Trick Prompts: Next cycle, war, spirit world, betrayal, bloodbending
Treat Prompts dorks, ba sing se, after, hot, sparring

Star Wars: Original Trilogy
Ships Han/Leia
Trick Prompts: carbonite, bad feeling, spice, slave, dark side
Treat Prompts i know, reunion, show, leaders, nerfherder