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Dear Trick-Or-Treat Writer

tl;dr - I have requested art & fic in the following fandoms: Treasure Planet, Star Wars: Rebels, Star Wars: OT, Princess Leia (comic), and Mass Effect.

Hi writer! Happy Halloween! Or just happy fall.

Since this is a low-pressure exchange, I'm going to keep this letter low-pressure as well. For each fandom, I've included ships I enjoy (if you feel like doing something shippy - gen is good too!), a general overview of what I enjoy about the canon, and a series of Porn Battle-style, one or two-word prompts for both tricks and treats. They're just there if you get stuck.

DNWs, across all fandoms: suicide, incest, and infidelity. Beyond that, I'm seriously hard to squick; if dark is your thing, it is also my thing, please continue. Ditto porn. Or dark porn. Do it to it.


Treasure Planet
requested characters: Jim, Silver, Leland Hawkins (Jim's father)

It's hard to say what I love about Treasure Planet because I love everything about it, from the musical interlude of feelings to the slightly nonsensical steampunk worldbuilding. Okay, to narrow it down: I love the realistic take on family relationships. I love the concept of the Etherium. I love Jim's surprisingly sympathetic teen angst and his personal journey toward being able to trust and open up.

I'd especially love to see anything set post-movie, with Silver's backstory, or anything involving Jim meeting back up with his dad (though please no loving reconciliation).

Ships: Jim/Silver, though I am also 100% delighted with anything about them in a purely familial sense as well.

Treat Prompts: graduation, reunion, treasure, dreams, fixed, captain
Trick Prompts: spaced, marooned, left behind, broken, pirates


Star Wars: Princess Leia
Requested Characters: Leia, Evaan

I LOVE THIS COMIC. I love how it changes the way we see Leia in the last two movies. I love all the side characters. But I especially love Evaan because, holy crap, I love Evaan so hard. I want her to show up in everything Star Wars from here unto eternity, but since that probably won't happen, please give me fanworks anyway.

Ships: Leia/Evaan [note: if you go the L/E route please no vilifying Han!]

Treat Prompts: princesses, new republic, reunion, loyalty, culture, history, tradition
Trick Prompts: failure, betrayal, unmet expectations, ice princess


Star Wars: The Original Trilogy
Requested Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Anakin Skywalker | Darth Vader, Sheev Palpatine

What can I say about the OT that hasn't already been said before I was born? It's awesome. End of. Give me all the epic family sagas, the light saber battles, the people living in the dark, dusty remains of a once-great civilization choking under the rule of a Sith. Give me the humanizing moments, the backstories, the million small connections that make the characters humans rather than cutouts against a backdrop this size. Give me more Star Wars forever. [Note: I am not at all familiar with the OT-era of the old EU; please stick close to movie canon or explain anything that's not seen on screen!]

Ships: Leia/Han, Han/Luke

Treat Prompts: rebuilding, apprenticeship, victory, vacation, banter
Trick Prompts: defeat, slavery, interrogation, coming to the dark side, corruption


Star Wars: Rebels

REBELS! I'm never sure if I love Rebels or just Rebels' potential, thus far, and that's always a sign I want lots of fanstuff filling in the background. Give me the tragic backstories and team building I crave. [ Note: I am familiar with and loving the Kanan comics, so feel free to incorporate that if you are too! ]

Ships: None

Treats: Art, holiday spent together, family, comfort, training, victory
Tricks: the fall of the republic, capture, dark side, stranded, failing a test, disbanding


Mass Effect
Garrus Vakarian, Kaidan Alenko, Female Shepard (Mass Effect), James Vega, Jack | Subject Zero, Miranda Lawson, Steve Cortez, David Anderson, Aria T'Loak, Male Shepard (Mass Effect), Nyreen Kandros

Mass Effect isn't so much a canon as a living, breathing universe in which a canon takes place, imo. The worldbuilding established by the codex is so extensive and so fascinating that I want to get into every nook and cranny and learn ALL THE THINGS. You could tell me about trash collection day on the Citadel and I would be there with bells on. I also really enjoy how complicated and morally gray most of the characters are (or can be) and feel like that could work really well in this kind of exchange.

Ships: FShep/Garrus, FShep/Aria, MShep/Kaidan, Miranda/Jack, Vega/Cortez

Treats: citadel party, normandy SR-3, fish, what happens in the transport stays in the transport, last hurrah, getting a room, rebuilding, tattoo
Tricks: refusal ending, husks, came back wrong, brainwashing, Purgatory ship, husk, spaced